Tam o’Shanter is private homeowner association established in 1965. Each lot owner in Tam o'Shanter is a member of Tam o'Shanter, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Certain community matters and activities are governed by restrictive covenants and the By - Laws of the Corporation.

Architectural Requirements

Thinking of changing your home exterior or landscaping? Learn about architectural controls and restrictions within the Tam o’Shanter community.

Member Change of Status Form

Buying a new home, renting an existing one or changing family status? This form allows members to modify accounts, add family members, or assign membership privileges.

Articles, Bylaws and CC&Rs

The Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, and Declaration of Covenants, and Conditions, Reservations and Restrictions provide the legal framework for the Tam o'Shanter community.

1313 183RD AVE NE, BELLEVUE, WA 98008-3439
(425) 746-3855